Indigo Notes

Organise all your notes in one place


Application supports rich content with images. It features full text search on top of the rich content.

Application stores all notes as a rich text and allows text formatting. Rich text notes are accessible on all devices.


Protect your notes with a password and use Touch ID or Face ID authentication for a quick access.

Create backup copies of all your notes using Export / Import features.


Indigo Notes stores all your notes in the iCloud and syncs all changes between all your devices.

iCloud is the best place for all your notes.

Dark Mode

Vibrant dark mode for your iPhone, iPad and Mac


Use notebooks, tags, favourites and full text search to organize your notes


Check to see what people have said about us

This is a fantastic and very useful app from many perspectives. I am totally blind and am a very dedicated user of I-devices for my vocational and avocational life. I use Voiceover as my method for accessing these devices. Your app is very well laid out and fantastic for storing and reviewing data, and best of all, it’s available on my Apple Watch.


I got this as a replacement to Apple’s note (on the Mac and the iPhone). Had some sync issues with Apple’s apps. But mostly, wanted my notes alphabetized, an option apple (for some bizarre reason) does not offer. I tried a few other apps, then went with this. I like it a lot: it syncs quickly thru iCloud drive, and works well. And my notes stay in place (instead of jumping around every time i make an edit). A great find, and recommended.


Which notes app is best? Put Indigo Notes on your list because it might be the best notes value. It’s not free, but Indigo Notes is packed with features available in more expensive notes apps. There’s a Mac version, an iPhone version, an iPad version, and, guess what? Notes for Watch. The key to success in Indigo Notes is simplicity and consistency. Notes are easily visible and organized from within each app, so there’s continuity from one device to another, and notes are available with little more than a click or tap.


The app is really great. I did try multiple note taking apps in the past on my iPhone until I found this one. Most of the other note taking apps can only be used with a login, which I don’t like at all. I love the way that it can work offline and be optionally backupped via iCloud. The ability to set a password when opening it up is also a nice feature when it comes to security. The simple design let’s me keep my focus on my notes rather than getting distracted by the app itself which is the rule of thumb in taking notes authentically.



We support iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6.0 and macOS 15.0