Indigo Money

Very simple, powerful and easy to use personal finance tracker application.

Organize Accounts

  • Create multiple accounts to keep track of all your personal finances
  • Keep track of your cash, debit, credit, loan and mortgage accounts
  • Sort and rearrange accounts
  • Archive accounts, once these are no longer in use

Manage Transactions

  • Record all personal income, expense and transfer transactions
  • Tag your transactions with relevant Categories and Payees
  • Create and manage scheduled transactions

Search and Filter

  • Search for Accounts, Transactions, Categories and Payees
  • Filter transactions by date, transaction type, accounts, payees, categories
  • Search is integrated with Spotlight on your device


  • Keep track of your monthly net income
  • Keep track of your incomes and expenses by Categories 
  • Keep track of your incomes and expenses by Payees
  • Check your daily Net Worth report


  • Track finances in your local currency
  • Upgrade to premium to get access to additional currencies
  • Get currency exchange rates automatically
  • Create accounts and track your spendings in multiple currencies

Protect Data

  • All data is stored locally on your devices and synced to your iCloud account
  • Local backups are created automatically
  • Protect access to all your data with a password
  • Touch ID and Face ID are supported on eligible devices
  • Reset and remove all your data if this app is not suitable for you

Import and Export

  • Import data from Jumsoft Money 5.x CSV files
  • Import and export data in our own JSON format

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